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There is work that can be done by everybody who was in the edit war. NOTHING COULD BE LIKE REFACTORING THE ARCHIVE OF ipf. Practicing NPOV Showing arguements in the best possible light that would be the best thing for the Wikipedia. Everyone of those good minds in IPF should be writing brilliant prose. The Wikipedian Ethos works. Everything works better if NPOV is a habit of mind then the words will flow easier
Everybody is aware of mav. I no respect for him. Like everyone else I am aware of his temperment. Everyone makes allowance for mav: I shall suffer that fool no more. Like any other member of the community he deserves to be brought back to the fold even though he is an unbearable snot mouth prison punk with his drawers around his ankles for protection. It will all be over soon. This process which goes far beyond IPF. Lockdown Sv Rule will extinguish edit wars: I'll be making an address to the firebrigade if that JIMBO WALES has the nerve.

It should be noted that unscrupulous business practice can involve upselling the heritage of a comedity (like olive oil or race horses) in order to justify con et scqewer prices.

________________________________________________________________________________*any post welcome below please do not advocate genocide or hatred

User:IHATENAZIPIGS is one of 20+ user names of the MIT vandal silly. :-) --mav

LOL. I see your getting your nose dirty around town. hehe. -Stevert

what do you mean? in a rhetorical way,( the question I asked)

Hi, Two16. Welcome to the Wikipedia, and by the way, 2^16 is one of my favorite numbers, it being the count of the set of non-negative integers representable in a 2-byte "word" of computer memory (you get your choice of signed or unsigned, too!).

Thank you for that thoughtful, if convoluted and alarming message on my talk page ^_^ --Uncle Ed 17:39 Feb 10, 2003 (UTC)

Uncle ED you are a stupid ass.

I actually got that one out of my HTML reference book, but I found a pretty good chart for them here [1].—Hephaestos 17:32 Feb 11, 2003 (UTC)


You wrote JTD you are a maroon writing comments like you do here, when your understanding of Wikipedian Ethos is so limited.... there are tons of your meally mouthed posts that show your ignorance and stupidity. -- please see Wikipedia:Wikipetiquette. The Wikipedia:No personal attacks policy is to be followed to the letter at all times.

But, it isn't. Many sysops engage in personal attacks, usually in the form of erasing articles just because of who wrote them, violating the rules about major edits, then banning others for violating rules they themselves very frequently violate. Then there's the constant libel and outing (is Vera Cruz really so-and-so, etc.) games that will backfire on the sponsors of this project in a very serious way, the moment any of these people they target for this libel decide to make a point of it. The best they can hope for is to get it wrong and only unjustly ban contributors. The only 'Wikipedia Ethos' in sight is plain and simple 'little tin god' sysadmin behavior that is typically less ethical or procedural than any given high school BBS. So, if your 'formal warning' is ignored, don't be surprised. That's what it deserves. Don't bother responding, this IP will be banned before any more truth can be spoken.

Consider this a formal warning, a precursor to banning. Jimbo Wales 17:53 Feb 13, 2003 (UTC)

GO ahead you stupid loser! I wrote better.

Are you still around, Two? I thought you might be skipping your tracks a bit. -Stevert

If that hatespeech on the pump (quotation: ever considered taking it Mav149, you stupid stupid stupid little cocksucker.(not that there is anything wrong with sucking cock or having someone suck one's penis IF THE JOB GETS DONE RIGHT. Two16 who else who has the balls to write stuff like that, when the little weasel(slurp slurp) has the power to ban me. Prision punk Mav149 has his pants around his ankles for protection!!!) was indeed from you, you might want to return to your user page and read the top line which says: No personal attacks; while criticising the work of other contributors is fine, personal attacks and insults regarding their race, sex, creed etc. are unacceptable.

oh it was me alright the selective quotion you made leaves out that it was lithum that he was writting about. Read some of the other stuff I wrote. Its pointless to bann me:

Main namespace cleanup[edit]

In an effort to clean up the main namespace, I've moved your old main namespace userpage to User:Two16/old, as there's some edit history you might want to keep. Otherwise just delete it. --fvw* 12:29, 2004 Dec 31 (UTC)