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Hi, I'm Mikeguy. I'm a man who lives under a rock somewhere in a nice city with lots of public transportation and modestly good-looking women. I ride my bicycle, eat my vegetables, and write and play my music or whatever else happens to catch up with me. I have two feet, two hands, two nostrils, two legs, two arms, two eyes, two ears, two dogs, two parents, and this rather interesting computer with a camera attached to it.

As of 2006, there remains a party in my mind, and you might be invited.

Pages created[edit]

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Major edits[edit]

  • A Reality Tour: Rewrote the article to be more relative to its name and moved previous information to a new page
  • Animutation: Come on... it's an art form.
  • David Bowie: Rewrote and organized bulk of the page from December 17 to 18, 2004. I'm a devoted fan of this guy, what else could I do? Listed below are the articles I edited as part of a continuing project to have articles for all his songs.
  1. Breaking Glass (song): Got started here.
  2. What in the World: Figured out how to build from near-scratch.
  3. Always Crashing in the Same Car: Examined lyrics, talked about live version.
  4. Be My Wife: Examined lyrics, updated live version status.
  5. A New Career in a New Town: Explained piece, production, and live version status.
  6. Warszawa (song): Production notes, sources.
  7. Art Decade: Production notes, explanation, sources.
  8. Weeping Wall (David Bowie song): Production notes, explanation, sources.
  9. Subterraneans: Production notes, explanation, sources.
  10. Speed of Life: You know, the usual.
  11. You've Been Around: Oh, I did all SORTS of... stuff I've already done with this one.
  12. Magic Dance: You'd be ashamed to be a Bowie fan if you saw it before I edited it.
  13. Pallas Athena (song): Explained piece's purpose, improved on explanation of Tao Jones Index.
  14. Miracle Goodnight: Explained piece's arrangement and music video w/ source.
  • The Man Who Fell to Earth: Extracted information into two articles, book and film. Expanded information from this article to be about the book.

Anything else[edit]