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Stand the Middle Ground

Often in life, we are told that you must chose between two opposites, or two different approaches. For me, in many ways, this has not been the case. And, I believe, we would all be much better if choosing between extremes became a thing of the past.

Such is the case with the idea that we must use either common sense or intellect. To this idea, I offer a new word -


For if we accept the idea that Einstein, for all his brilliance, had difficulty tying his shoes and that Ray Crock, absent of Economic or other Business degrees could build an empire, as being the only directions that can be pursued, we limit only ourselves.

Rather, I have found that by taking from both, by combining elements of each, I have been able to navigate life in ways that many people find unimaginable. Which is not to draw attention to myself, but rather to speak to commonsentellect. To speak to the use of both faculties, of intuitive and deductive reasoning, to the female and male intelligences, to the street and the school.

As is so often true in many areas of our lives, and should be applied to this time-honored concept that we must or can be possessed of only one faculty, it is more often true that by standing the middle ground; so much more can be accomplished.




I believe that we all have to choose our disciplines and work them. Doesn’t matter whether that’s in a certain church, or no

church. Just got to find them, know them and be them. Everything else is just talkin’.

Here are my truths (and, I’m not saying that I always live them, but I’m human):

I am a Christian soldier, my gifts and duties are front-line.

I will not fear God’s hand on me.

I will except the endless boundaries of each day.

I ask that I am able to be present to each soul that seeks me.

I must not enter into evil battlefields.

My ego and judgment will be at bay. When I feel myself answering to them,

I will pray for help and understanding.

The journey I will not forsake.

I will allow tears and pain, knowing that as I am ready to turn all over to God,

So will the next step in the journey begin.

I will allow the Jabez prayer, and other tools which have been given to me,

To lead me, as I know a higher power directs them where I cannot understand.

Knowing that sin and temptation will be kept at bay, I offer myself more completely

in service to the Will of the Creator.

I ask as I am writing this, for true forgiveness for those times when I have allowed

Ego and self to result in judgment – this is not my place.

I choose to live and accept my God’s gifts, and ask only the strength, wisdom and courage to get self out of the way, and allow that I may be a channel of Love,

Hope, Joy. That I may be a light, and a teacher throughout my life of blessings.

    So, those are my truths, my disciplines.  Sometimes, other people can say things more simply, more eloquently, or just seem to crystallize a library of thoughts into a phrase that  

sums it up well. I like those phrases, so I’ll close my ramblin’s with this one. I choose

." It's time to ensure parents/guardians are held "accountable."[edit]

My intention is to request a proposed strategy that could be viewed as a "positive contract" between all partners in the education system Parents and or guardians would have to enroll for this proposed program. The program will include penalties for noncompliance. These penalties are outlined below.

As a patrol officers who has heard to many times "I can't handle my child" or when called to pick the child up the parents and or guardians can't be found. I have even been told "lock um up I don't care." This is sad but true. I believe we cannot only affect the youth crimes but have a positive impact on the command taxpayer. The strategy will be a "positive contract" between all partners in the education system to which parents/guardians will sign up for. It will include penalties for noncompliance.

Fines ranging from $100 for first offense $500 and or Drivers license suspension, vehicle surrender for second to third offense. Under part 1 felony this proposal would only be an added charge and fine.

Teachers are already highly trained but are being prevented in some schools from doing their jobs by antisocial pupils who seem hell bent on disrupting the taxpayer funded, State education system.

"Instead of a plethora of well-meaning, often experimental initiatives to tackle behavior problems within schools -- at further cost to the taxpayer -- the problem needs to be tackled at the source -- in the home." It's time to ensure parents/guardians are held "accountable."

"And parents/guardians who fail to ensure their offspring can behave responsibly at school should bear the cost. It should not be left to taxpayers to pick up the tab." Dealing with antisocial behavior, then it must include school pupil behavior in its legislative plans. On the impact of the problem "If pupils with a propensity for disruption are allowed into class, the level of stress and anxiety caused to teachers and to the well-behaved pupils in the same class is unacceptable. It can feel like working alongside a ticking bomb.

Introducing fines or contracts for parents is the only way to battle this problem for our City and the future of our children. It must be made clear that parents/guardians have to become more involved in their children's education. Schools must ensure that parents/guardians feel welcome in the school, providing better information so that parents can give their children good, practical support at home."

The City can adopt its own ordinance setting out fines for parents who fail to ensure their offspring can behave responsibly at school. The financial burden should be left with the parents/guardians. It should not be left to taxpayers to pick up the tab. Officers will still have to perform the proper general orders affecting juveniles however the citation that applies will be issued under state law. Million in fines could be collected along with crime reduction under this proposal.

There is a lot of positive response from other officers because they are tired of the baby-sitting and the courts and would like to see more done with their responsibility.

I have many ideas on how to implement improvements, as well as improvements in other areas. However, I believe it is important to know if you can facilitate my ability to develop these ideas.

I appreciate your time and consideration in reviewing these materials, and look forward to hearing from you.


Officer Linda J. Brumfield